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Map Viewer CAPRA-WWJ, is a visualization tool using the NASA® WorldWind Java SDK® engine.

With the CAPRA-WWJ, you can visualize:

  • Hazard AME files
  • Exposure SHP files
  • Reference SHP files

All over the NASA® BlueMarble® and it is OpenSource.

Run the file Capra_WWJ.jar, by double click, or using the command line: java -jar Capra_WWJ.jar

To run the application on other operating systems it is necesary to download JOGL libraries Java OpenGL for the operating system, on which you want to run the software, and copy the libraries in the application folder.

Download source code, it requires Java JOGL OpenGL libraries for the operating system on which you want to compile the application. Source Code for NetBeans 6+, includes the GeoTools libraries necessary for compilation and execution

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