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CRISIS 2007 is the CAPRA seismic and tsunami hazard module. It allows the complete definition of a seismic model for probabilistic hazard assessment, and the calculation of stochastic scenarios for risk evaluation. CRISIS2007 was developed at the Engineering Institute of the National University of Mexico (UNAM), by M. Ordaz, A. Aguilar and J. Arboleda.

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On this section you will find information about Probabilistic Risk Assessment or about the CAPRA Initiative.

Colombia Strengthens Disaster Risk Management in Pereira. Project Highlights, issue 14 - February 2013

In response to a long and destructive history of earthquakes in Pereira, the Colombian government has made important investments in strengthening local institutional capacity in disaster risk assessment and decision making for risk reduction.


En Panamá Preparan la Ciudad de David para el Terremoto, Project Highlights 9 - Octubre 2012

El gobierno panameño está trabajando en disminuir el riesgo por amenazas naturales y reducer el tiempo de recuperación formando capacidades nacionales y mejorando la gestión integral del riesgo.


Modelación Probabilista del Riesgo Sísimico de la Ciudad de David

La ciudad de David es la zona urbana expuesta a la mayor amenaza sísmica de Panamá y, debido a su acelerado crecimiento, muchas veces sin tomar en cuenta las mínimas medidas de construcción sismo-resistentes, su grado de vulnerabilidad y exposición es elevado.


Training on Multi-Hazard risk assessment

As part of the capacity-building activities of the United Nations University – ITC Center on Spatial Analysis for Disaster Risk Management (UNU-ITC DRM) the Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of the University of Twente, the Netherlands, has developed a training package on the application of GIS for multi-hazard risk assessment.


CRISIS2007: CAPRA Island Seismic Hazard Assessment

This dataset allow the user to practice the use of CRISIS2007. Employing this information the interested user can create hazard maps and build an AME file, for risk assessment.


Reducing Vulnerability in South America, Project Highlights Issue 4 - April 2012

Through the years, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, have experienced disasters associated with earthquakes, volcanic activity, and other natural hazards.